About ME

Ciao! I am Davide, a certified physiotherapist and sport enthusiastic. I grew up in Abruzzo, Italy and 10 years ago I came to Berlin to study Physiotherapy because the human body and its functions always intrigued me.  Sport has always played a big role in my life, first as a semi-professional player in Italy, later as long distance runner and marathon cyclist.
After my graduation, I have deepened my skill set with various specializations and worked in hospitals and practices, treating patients of all ages and various physical issues. 
Currently, I work as a physiotherapist in a hospital, and here at Manoah Zentrum I offer physiotherapy, massages and personal training.
So, if you are experiencing physical pain like back-, neck- or shoulder pain? Tight or blocked muscles? 

Sport injuries like a tennis elbow or a running knee? Tiredness or headaches?
I could help you with a holistic treatment aimed to restore, maintain and improve mobility and function. Non-invasive therapy to treat injuries and improve well-being. During my treatments, I use various techniques including massage, mobilization, manipulation, kinesiology taping, cupping therapy and exercises. 
I strongly believe it is fundamental to make you the active protagonist during the therapy and consider your issues not only as a sore back or a bad knee but as a complex subject that includes your own experiences, beliefs, expectations, lifestyle, work, family, and social context.


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I am looking forward to welcoming you here.